2-meter repeater currently down for maintenance

Gale, Dan, and I were at the repeater site today investigating the problems we have been seeing. Diagnosis indicates that the 2-meter repeater’s duplexer (cans) are presenting a high SWR to the transmitter, which has been causing the power output issues we have been seeing.

Due to this, we have taken the 2-meter repeater off the air for now. The UHF repeater - 442.450 - is still fully functional.

A new duplexer will be ordered today.

Jeremy, NQ0M

Doing a follow-up to keep everyone in the loop. The duplexer I had found ended up being unsuitable, as it requires a 5MHz split, while standard split on 2M is 600KHz. Dan is doing a crash course on using a signal generator to attempt to re-tune the old duplexer if possible, and we also have thoughts of having the receiver and transmitter at separate sites and linked together. More to follow as we have it available!