Club activities

What activities would you like to be involved in? e.g. storm spotting, emergency communications, contesting, field day, etc.

A start for activities could be the Thursday evening VHF net on the repeater. I admit I haven’t been active there; time to change. What if we had a check-in topic; for example, do you operate on HF and if so what mode and bands. That’s just a suggestion. What do you think.

I haven’t been active on the net either. I’ll do better. I find myself at a loss for words while on the radio so perhaps a topic would be good.

Topics is a great idea for the weekly net. Back when i was net control several years back we would also have one week a month for emergency power night. Everyone was encouraged to operate on battery or generator power for emefgency preparedness.

I like the idea of topics, as well as the emergency power night – maybe a periodic switch to using 146.58 Simplex as preparedness for a repeater outage situation. Also, should think about every so often running on 440.

Emergency power night sounds great. And so does simplex and 440. I’ve actually never used 70cm.

You guys were talking about a website that a person could listen to hf frequencies, can you post that site? I also have an older short wave receiver that I got working a while back, but I don’t know any frequencies that are used. The receiver does not have scan or programmable presets. I hooked up a 30ft regular wire for an antenna and after turning the dial for 30 min I only found one station… Spanish speaking talk radio I think

Chase, a website for online hf listening is>. The band edges are marked. There are a number of stations listed from all over the world; enjoy.