Club meeting programs

What would you like to see for a meeting program? e.g. How contests work, understanding hf propagation, etc.

HF propagation is a great topic. Antenna building. Electronic projects. HF audio tips.

A few ideas for programs:

I agree with HF propagation, that would be a good subject;

  • Traffic Handling (NTS nets, Radiograms)
  • Contesting
  • Antenna Builds
  • Digital Modes (RTTY, SSTV, Winlink, Vara, JT/FT modes, etc) as well as basic setup.
  • Satellite operations
  • RDF/Fox Hunting
  • HF/VHF/UHF Net Operations
  • Project Builds

Hope this list helps. I’m sure there’s plenty of other things since ham radio is “a thousand hobbies in one”

Not only Digital modes like DStar, SF, DMR, but also analog internet linking options, like AllStarLink and Echolink.

I agree these are great topics. I would like to see individuals take responsibility to present these topics at our meetings. I would like to see us produce a schedule of events that include the program topics for each club meeting. This will be one agenda item for the January meeting.