Discussion forum has been migrated!

Hey all!

Some of you may have noticed that after the storm, the discussion forum was down for a few days. This is because I set up the new Discourse forum on a system I have at home temporarily. Tonight, I migrated that over to my hosting provider (Vultr in Dallas), so that should not happen again.

Jeremy, NQ0M

Sounds good Jeremy, thanks! I had thought there was something wrong with my own Internet when I couldn’t access the forum for those few days, until I heard on the net that it was the servers that were down. :grin:

Yep - that storm did a number to me here. It hit on Friday night, and I didn’t have power back up until about 9:30am Tuesday morning. Tree was blown down across the alley, and it came down directly on the power/cable lines that feed my house. I had always meant to migrate the forums, but those “round-tuits” are sometimes hard to find :slight_smile: But it’s done now!