Meeting Minutes

I’m still trying to figure out how to post on the actual Meeting Minutes tab… Soon:) -KF0GFE

IARC Meeting April 2024 Apr 9th

  • Treasurer’s report

    • $866.43 in bank
    • $96 in cash
    • We currently have 12 paid members, 10 are ARRL affiliated
    • Reimbursed Chase Riebel $25 for supplies for anchoring the repeater shack.
  • Field day

    • Field day committee is not present (Jeremy and Randy)
    • Location options discussed - LaHarpe, Gas, Riverside, Cofachee in Iola, Parking lot next to A&W
  • Repeater

    • The Shack has been anchored with cable by kf0gfe
    • Still no word on ownership of the repeater. We will wait to hear about what happens to the tower.
  • Present at this meeting-

    • Steve Green
    • Doug
    • Chase Riebel
    • Gale Jeffers
    • Dale
    • Jerrod Powe

Hey Chase,

I went ahead and copied the minutes to the website.


de Doug - KC5VKG