Net roster for 4/20/2023

This evening we had an interesting net with 14 check-ins:

  • Donna WD6EJI (handheld)
  • Andy W0CRV (mobile)
  • Gale KD0GHA
  • Conrad K0FCL
  • Doug KC5VKG
  • Chase KF0GFE
  • Dale KA4RBR
  • Randy KD8HJR
  • Lexy KF0MJI
  • Rob WN0RJM
  • Jeremy NQ0M
  • Jess KF0MJH
  • Robin WA6CML
  • Stan WA6AAI (net control)

The discussion was based on the use of the ARRL and the WI0LA web sites. Most check-ins use these sites for a variety of reasons; from staying up to date on events to technical questions.> and> are good places to go for national and local information about ham radio.