Shortwave Radiogram

Ever been interested in decoding digital text and images broadcast on shortwave? Look no further than Shortwave Radiogram. This weekly program is broadcast from shortwave radio stations such as WINB and WRMI each weekend, using various MFSK modes. These digital streams can be decoded using a basic shortwave radio set to the AM mode, tuned to the required frequencies and using available software such as FLDigi.

A little history…

Shortwave Radiogram began life as VOA Radiogram, an experimental program aired by the Voice of America from 2012-2017. It was produced and presented by Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott, audience analyst and broadcaster for VOA. Upon his retirement on June 23, 2017, the decision was made by VOA to discontinue the show. The last VOA Radiogram was broadcast on June 18, 2017. Not wanting the half hour slots to be “filled with light, recorded music”, Shortwave Radiogram’s first broadcast was June 24, 2017. It is still produced and broadcast by Dr. Elliott.

For a lineup of the current week’s programming as well as time and frequencies of broadcasts, visit:

A video showing me decoding an older VOA radiogram program can be found here

Hope you enjoy the show


de Doug - KC5VKG