What do I need for DMR?

I’ve heard talk about a DMR repeater in our area! What does a person need to get on DMR? Jeremy, I think you answered this question for me in person, but can’t remember the specifics. Do I need a unit to plug into my radio? Do I need a new radio? (What hand-held would you guys recommend?)

Chase, DMR is an interesting subject. The most popular way to get involved, I think, is to use what is called a ‘hot spot’ to connect a DMR radio to the internet which will then allow you to communicate with other folks with DMR radios around the world. The following site gives a good overview: <https://www.dmrfordummies.com/>> If there is enough interest we should have an evening at the club or on the air to discuss it. I have attended a few sessions on it at Hamfests(Dayton and Orlando) and it can become complex in a hurry. A friend from my Guam days convinced me to get involved in it. Some groups, of which I am a member, have their own Talkgroups. You will see that described at the above web site.