Winlink Form Training - 4 Part Series

From Brian Wright, W7OWO, Yamhill County (Oregon) Amateur Radio Emergency Services (YCARES) Winlink NCS

A four-part training series on Winlink Forms provided by select members of the Winlink Development team will be hosted by the Radio Amateur Training Planning and Activities Committee (RATPAC) via Zoom in the upcoming weeks as part of their normal Zoom presentations. For those not familiar with RATPAC, they host nationwide Amateur Radio Zoom presentations twice-a-week, Wednesdays on general radio topics and Thursdays on amateur radio emergency communications over Zoom. RATPAC Zoom sessions are recorded and are available for replay from links located at “”. Just scroll down to the date and/or topic of interest. This list also shows the date and time of planned topics. Additional information is available at this site for accessing the Zoom sessions and how to get notification of upcoming sessions.

The Winlink Form series is about the utilization of Form Templates and how to get the most out of them. Recently, the use of these form templates has increased, dramatically, and many are requesting more detailed information about how to use and configure these templates for their specific purposes.

“Thursday, August 31st, Winlink Filtering of incoming Form Results”
Phil Sherrod, W4PHS, the current author of the Winlink programs set, including Winlink Express, Matt will take the mystery out of the filtering available for obtaining the exact information needed from incoming mappable form results. This is important in insuring that the results requested will be properly viewed properly, not only for the Winlink Express client maps, but also for the files produced for external GIS programs such as Google Maps or ArcGIS.

“Thursday, September 7th, Winlink Forms Update”
On Thursday, September 7th, Oliver Dully, K6OLI, our Winlink Forms Manager, will demonstrate exciting updates to Standard Forms (e.g. Winlink Check-in, Quick Forms, etc.) and Specialized Forms (Cert etc.). As with Phil Sherrod’s filtering information, this will assist the user leveraging Winlink Form Data for visual display on GIS software, like Google Maps. ArcGIS, and more.

“Thursday, September 14th, Practical Use of Winlink and Winlink Forms, an example from CERT in California”
On Thursday, September 14th, John “JT” Trenterud, K9ONR, will provide some practical applications of his use of Winlink Forms. John was invited by Oliver Dully, K6OLI, their Winlink Forms Manager, to provide this example use of the Winlink Forms and more.

“Thursday, September 21st, Managing Events with Winlink ICS Forms”
In this workshop, you will work with Oliver dully, K6OLI, and Winlink’s robust ICS Forms library in planning events using the “Planning P.” We will work on setting objectives (ICS-202) for your group, listing radio resources (ICS-217), devising a Radio Plan (ICS-205), providing assignments (ICS-204), and generating activity logs (ICS-214) and communications logs (Form 309). This workshop may be used as an example of how volunteer resources may apply their skills for agencies involved in emergency incidents.

Brian / W7OWO / YCARES Winlink Net NCS

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